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Mobile industry welcomes government announcement of research into mobile phone safety

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Media Release / I » 15 July 1998

Mobile phone industry welcomes Government announcement of research grants into mobile phone safety C x J U c J z *^

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) today welcomed the announcement by the Federal Government of the first three research grants into health Issues associated with mobile phones to help allay community concerns.

The grants were awarded under the $4 million National Health and Medical Research Council program, which is funded by an industry levy.

■-S; "The mobile phone industry believes that these studies will add weight to what ;1 ' we have been saying for some time: that there is no substantiated scientific evidence that using a mobile phone or living near a mobile phone base station can cause adverse health effects", Mr Peter Russell, Executive Director of

AMTA, said.

"This is not simply the view of industry but is also a view shared by an increasing number of government health authorities around the world, including the Federal Government's own expert advisory body", Mr Russell added.

“There has been over 40 years of scientific research into this area, and this latest round of research will no doubt confirm the safety of these devices”.

“However, the industry is sensitive to the questions and concerns that have been raised by both the media and the community. Our member companies engage in active programs of in-house and sponsored research in Australia and overseas to ensure that our products and services are indeed safe'.

"It also must be remembered that mobile phones make a very important _y contribution to community health and safety, which was confirmed in a recent study which found that one in four users had used their mobile phone In a dangerous situation”, Mr Russeii said.

For Further Information: Peter Russell (02) 6230 6055 or 0412 22 9999

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