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Primus moves into three-way local line battle

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Primus moves into three-way local line battle

Primus Telecommunications, Australia’s third largest carrier, today launched its full local line services throughout Melbourne and Sydney’s CDD areas.

Primus which has spent $55.8m this year on network construction is expected to see that figure exceed the $100m by the end of 1998 as it works to furlhcr extend and develop its network.

According to Primus Telecommunications general manager Planning and Engineering, Roger Nicoll, will save corporate Australia millions of dollars and significantly challenge Telstra’s grip on the local CBD service market.

“At present,” Mr Nicoll said, “we have sites deployed in 40 cities throughout Australia, with ever 500,000 Australians currently using Primus for their long distance and international calls."

Primus’ launch of its local lines sees it once again achieving a deregulation first, making it the only carrier to reach local interconnection agreements with Telstra and Oplus. The agreement

allows Primus to enter the local call carrier market, by bringing its own carrier assigned local numbers into service.

A three-way reciprocal interconnect environment now exists between the Optus, Telstra and Primus networks. As such, each pays to access each others local network customers.

Primus has deployed fibre cables in central Melbourne in a 5km ring taking in streets like Collins and Bourkc. In Sydney, Primus' fibre cables ran throughout George and Elizabeth Streets and North Sydney. More than 20 buildings have been accessed in the initial build.

Λ wide range of local service products are offered by Primus including a full suite of Call Centre telephony and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities, Digital CENTREX and traditional

telephony services.

Internet, and fram e Relay are also available following the recent acquisitions of Melbourne-based Hotkey and Sydney telecommunications company Eclipse.

June 18,1998

L tv d Λ , SS King Street Melbourne,Victoria 3000 Australia Telephone; (03) 9014 5155 Facsimile: (0 3 ) 9629 3523

Primus Telecommunications (Australia) Ply Ltd. a.c.n. 061754943

In August, Primus will launch its local line services into Brisbane and Adelaide, with Perth to follow in September.

Primus has been testing its local service capabilities since late last year. Its 600 line head office has been cut over from a ΡΛΒΧ to Primus Digital CENTREX creating a further 80 customer service positions. Primus local services operate using Primus’ own 10,000 block carrier local number ranges - 03 9233, 02 9423 and 07 3319.

The project will also create more than 350 jobs at Primus and sec 40 Customer Cull Centres established throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Earlier this month, three corporate customers, a Melbourne-based call centre-operator, a Sydney-based professional services company and a telecommunications service provider were all brought on line to Primus's local service network. Fourteen hundred access lines were deployed for the trial.

Mr Nicoll said, “Outside of Australia’s CBD’s, the resale of Telstra local services remains a major obstacle that must be resolved. Primus luvs over 30,000 businesses on Telstra local service and it is yet to be offered a legitimate wholesale deal. A breakthrough is expected anyday.’"

Mr Nicoll said the move of Primus into the market signals a serious challenge to Telstra’s dominance in this area and gives businesses throughout the entire Asia-Pacific.

lie said, “We will succeed in the local service market by differentiating ourselves through superior service and support. This will be of great interest to existing corporates, who wish to move to a more responsive supplier.”

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