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Christmas Island Casino licence cancelled

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THE HON ALEX SOMLYAY MP Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government


The Federal Territories Minister, Alex Somlyay, has today cancelled the licence to operate a

casino on the Territory of Christmas Island, held by Christmas Island Resort Pty Ltd (CIR).

The Minister acted under the provisions of the Territory's Casino Control Ordinance 1988.

On 16 June 1998 Mr Somlyay issued a notice under the Ordinance that CIR show cause why

the licence should not be cancelled, on the grounds of failure by the company to meet certain

specified financial commitments,

The notice cancelling the licence stated that the Minister had had regard to a response from

CIR's solicitors to the 16 June notice, but that Mr Somlyay was not satisfied that the matter

had been resolved by that response, because CIR had not met its financial commitments to a

number of specified creditors. These were Christmas Island Power Authority, National Jet

Systems Group, Christmas Island Travel Pty Ltd, and also employees of CIR.

"I am not prepared to tolerate the treatment meted out to the staff of CIR by the owners, and I

intend to use the powers at my disposal to ensure that these people are paid what is owing to

them," Mr Somlyay said.

"Accordingly, I intend to consider certain options in relation to the continued occupation of the

casino-hotel site on Christmas Island to maintain the pressure on CIR in respect of the

payment of debts to the employees of the Resort,” Mr Somlyay said


28 July 1998

For further information please contact Graeme Hallett (02) 6277 7060

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