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Our Pacific Territories: Coalition Election Statement

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A second-term Howard Coalition Government will continue measures to appropriately streamline the administration of the Jervis Bay Territory and Commonwealth retained functions on Norfolk Island.

After years of Labor neglect, the Coalition has committed $4.3 million to modernise the Jervis Bay Territory water supply, in a manner which protects the unique environment of the peninsula.

We have also streamlined the administration of Commonwealth assets in the Territory.

In regard to N orfolk Island, the Coalition has worked with the Norfolk Island Government to permanently stabilise the land surrounds of the Island’s main anchorage - an important link for such an isolated community, and one which Labor consistently put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

The Coalition recognises the unique position of Norfolk Island in the Australian Federation and is committed to continue the development of internal self-government in Norfolk Island, in co-operation with the Island’s Government and Legislative Assembly, and appropriate to the efficient administration of the Territory.

In a significant boost to Norfolk Island’s telecommunications infrastructure, the Coalition has committed an additional $20 million to the Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund to meet the needs of remote island communities.

The Coalition has recognised the special circumstances of Norfolk Island in the formulation of the Tax Plan. The GST will not apply in Norfolk Island, just as wholesales sales tax does not apply in this Territory.

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T H E H O N A L E X SOMLYAY MR Minister for Regional Development, Territories and l ocal Government

O ur Pacific Territories Coalition Election Statement

Our Pacific Territories - Coalition Flection Statement

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In addition, any goods and services provided to Norfolk Island will be GST- free exports.

Those residents of Norfolk Island in receipt of mainland family assistance or social security entitlements will benefit from the payment increases proposed as part of the Coalition’s Tax Plan.

The Coalition is also committed to protecting the environmental and heritage aspects in both Norfolk and Jervis Bay.

Importantly, the Coalition will continue to maintain funding for the restoration and maintenance of N orfolk’s beautiful convict capital, the Kingston and A rthur’s Vale Historic Area - one of our most valuable heritage assets.

30 September 1998

Contact: Graeme Hallett 0419 218 469

Our Pacific Territories - Coalition Election Statement