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ACC (Area Consultative Committees): A network for regional jobs growth

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The Hon Alex Som 1 y ay M.P.

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The Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government, Alex Somlyay highlighted the role of Area Consultative Committee (ACC) networks as links between the Federal Government and employers in regional areas in a speech to their national conference at Parliament House, Canberra today.

"Obviously the role of ACCs in the new employment services market is crucial. The ACCs have the capacity to talk to local employers in employer language, minimising misunderstandings when explaining government employment and training initiatives.

“This involves not only monitoring the operation of the employment market and advising the Government of experience in regions, but I believe that ACCs can play two additional and important roles

. ACCs will be ideally placed to give advice to government on employment and skills issues in regions, and what needs to be done from an economic development perspective to generate employment growth; and

. ACCs can play a key role in bringing together key players from business, industry, all tiers of government and the community to forge lasting networks that will be able to exchange information on key issues and be the foundation for broader development in regional Australia," Mr Somlyay said.

Mr Somlyay noted that ACCs would be developing three-year strategic employment development plans in consultation with local communities.

"It is important that these plans draw on the considerable expertise that exists in regional Australia, particularly within the network of local government organisations. If they do so they will provide a framework within which regions can work to generate long-term economic and employment growth.

Ί also look forward to the broader advisory role that ACCs will play. The direct and intimate knowledge that ACCs have of regional economic and employment issues will help inform the deliberations of the Ministerial Working Group on Regional Affairs, the main forum through which the Government manages its ‘whole of government' approach to regional affairs

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