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New Air Service for the Indian Ocean Territories

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THE HON A LEX S O M L Y A Y MP MintstiT tor Regional Development, Territories end Local Government


The Commonwealth and National Jet Systems Group of Adelaide have reached agreement in principle for the provision of a weekly air service using a RJ70 aircraft from the mainland to the Indian Ocean Territories of Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, commencing 23 May 1998.

Making the announcement today. Territories Minister, Alex Somlyay said that the agreement would ensure a seamless continuation of the existing service subsidised by the Commonwealth, albeit with a revised timetable.

'The first flight under the new contract will be from Perth to Christmas Island (via Learmonth) and then to Cocos before returning to Perth," Mr Somlyay said. “The following week's flight will service Cocos (via Learmonth) as first port of call. This pattern of alternating schedules will then continue for the duration of the contract.”

The Minister stressed a very important aspect of the agreement - an option for additional mid week flights to cater for passenger and freight demand, thus increasing the capacity to meet the Commonwealth's obligations to both Territories.

“This option will be taken up immediately with extra mid-week flights every second week commencing 27 May 1998,” Mr Somlyay said.

"This arrangement, for the extra mid week flight will continue up to and including 24 June 1998, at which time It will be reviewed.

Ί hope that In the longer term private enterprise will take up the opportunities the Indian Ocean Territories have to offer, both in terms of air services and other commercial opportunities."


8 May, 1998

P hase note attached copy of new proposed air service schedule, together with proposed schedule ___________________________ __________i of fares and rules.

Contact: Graeme Hallett, Media Adviser (Minister's office) 0419 218 469


P01 08/05 '98 17:34 TX/RX NO. 2297 ATT,


W E E K 1 - C om m ences 23 M ay 1998 and operates alternate weeks

Flight Day Flight No. From/To Arrives Departs Meal

Saturday NC108 Perth 09.45 LR

NC108 Learmonth 11.35 12.05 L

NC10S Christmas 1 13.40 14.20 LR

NCI 09 Cocos


15.25 21.55

16.15 D

WEEK 2 - Commences 30 May 1998 and operates alternate weeks

Flight Day Flight No. From/To Arrives Departs Meal

Saturday NC106 Perth 09.45 LR

NC106 Learmonth 11.35 12.05 L

NC106 Cocos I 14.05 14.45 LR

NC107 Christmas 1


16.50 22.25

17.30 D

08/05 '98 17:34 TX/RX NO. 2297 P02


Apex Fare Is a 7 day advance purchase, with a maximum validity of 35 days only from the first date of travel. Residents fare Is a 7 day advance purchase and has a maximum validity of 3 months from the first date of travel.

Cancellation fees apply and all fares are subject to availability. $Aus.


Infant One Way

Infant Return

Child One Way

Child Return

Economy One Way Economy Return


Christmas/ Cocos-Perth

$ 7 2 - 1 4 3 - 4 7 8 9 5 5 - 7 1 3 - 1 4 2 6 - 9 9 8 -

Christmas-Cocos 2 5 - 5 0 - 1 6 8 - 3 3 5 2 5 0 - 5 0 0 - 3 5 0 -

08/05 '98 17:34 TX/RX NO 2297 P03