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Surveillance and safety of the Australian coastline

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A U S T A L S H I P S 100 Clarence Beach Road, Henderson, 6166, Western Australia Telephone: (61 8) 9410 1111 Facsimile: (61 8 )9410 2564

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Surveillance and safety of the Australian coastline will be enhanced following the

announcement that the Commonwealth has awarded a tender for eight new patrol boats to be

built by Western Australian shipyard Austal Ships for th

To be known as the “Bay Class” series, Austal Ships will supply the 34.8 metre aluminium

patrol boats to the Commonwealth over a period of 2 Vi years, with the first vessel due for

delivery in March 1999. The remaining seven vessels will be delivered periodically through

to February 2001.

Chairman and Managing Director of Austal Ships, John Rothwell, said Austal was delighted

to have been chosen for this very important project and was extremely impressed with the

selection process and the method in which the ACS thoroughly'evaluated each of the

shipyards tendering for the project.

“Austal’s advanced light-weight vessel technology and aluminium construction capabilities

enabled us to provide a vessel with less power requirements and hence less fuel consumption

than other tenders. This means lower overall running costs and that has got to be good news

for the Commonwealth and tax payers,” said Mr Rothwell.

“Technology and quality combined with our ability to be able to offer a strong financial

package with no risk to the Commonwealth and a substantial maintenance service program

were key factors in our successful bid,” he said.

Austal will provide a comprehensive maintenance program for the vessels for a period of 3 Vi

years in conjunction with Stirling Marine and Adsteam Marine, both of whom have

significant coverage throughout Australian ports and to the regions in which the vessels will

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operate. In the terms of the contract, the Commonwealth has the option to extend the

maintenance service to a ten year period.

In addition to the maintenance of the fleet, Austal will provide extensive training to Customs

personnel including handling of the vessels and their tender boats, and engine training

courses, to ensure the vessels are utilised to their full capabilities.

Whilst Austal is exceptionally successful in the international arena having exported over 55

high speed vessels, the patrol boats represent the company’s first Commonwealth contract.

As an indication of Austal’s competitiveness and world best quality, the company currently

has confirmed contracts, either on order or under construction, for 14 vessels worth over

AUDS230 million. The company recently won a contract to supply two 86 metre vehicle-

passenger catamarans to a Turkish operator valued at $120 million - representing the single

largest contract in the history of Australia’s lightweight shipbuilding industry. In another

coup quoted as selling “coal to Newcastle”, Austal will supply the first fast ferries to be

imported into Norway in over 25 years.

Mr Rothwell said that with the company’s sustained growth and increasing market share

gains, Austal would be looking to recruit an additional 200 tradespeople over the next 12

months, increasing their workforce to around 1000.

The ACS “Bay Class” patrol boats will be constructed at Austal’s Henderson shipyard,

located about 10 minutes south of the port city-of Fremantle. They will be powered by twin

MTU diesel engines to provide a service speed of 20 knots, while also being able to maintain

low speeds of less than 5 knots for extended periods required for surveillance operations. The

vessels will have a range of 1000 nautical miles.


For further information Glenn Williams - Manager Sales and Product Development, Austal Ships Telephone: (08)9410 1111 Facsimile: (08) 9410 2564 Email:

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The vessels will be used by Customs to carry out day and night patrols in sea states up to and including Sea State 5 in respect of various areas of the Australian littoral area, island and Exclusive Economic Zone up to 200 miles offshore north of latitude 45 degrees south.

The vessels:

• will be capable of intercepting vessels ranging in size from a small dinghy to a large merchant vessel.

• in combination with its tenders, will be capable of boarding other vessels ranging in size from a small dinghy to a large merchant vessel.

• will be capable of towing other vessels up to 150 tonnes displacement while maintaining the ability to launch and recover its tenders

• will be capable of carrying out low speed surveillance operations for extended periods

• will have equipment for recording and preserving evidence

• will be capable of transporting up to 1 tonnes of equipment and 8 persons in addition to the crew of 8 Marine Officers for extended periods

• in combination with its tenders, will be capable of landing and recovering up to 8 persons or 0.5 tonnes of equipment to and from the coastline in one transit using both tenders

• will be capable of supporting limited Scuba (air) diving operations

• in combination with its tenders, will be capable of recovering persons and objects from the water

• will be equipped with GMDSS and other communications equipment to enable:

(i) communications with civilians both at sea and on shore, and

(ii) secure communications with Department of Defence vessels and aircraft, Coastwatch aircraft and Customs shore installations

• will be capable of carrying out extended search and rescue operations

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Length 35m

Beam 7.2m

Draft 2.5m

Displacement 112t

Speed 20kts

Range lOOOnm at 20kts

Main engines 2 x MTU 16V2000 M70

Bridge ECDIS style integrated bridge

Bridge wings

Communication GMDSS + dedicated Satellite,-HF/VHF/UHF Accomodation 6 x 2 berth cabins

4 temp, berths 12 passengers on aft deck

Tenders 2 x6m Al rigid hull

Segmented non-inflatable collars 2 x 90hp Honda o^s 150nm range at 25kts Satellite comms

Launch recovery 2 x Vest Davit - compensated type

To be built Fremantle, Western Australia