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Households and industry the winners

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National Voice of the Trucking Industry



Transport reforms announced in the tax package today by the Federal Government will see cheaper goods, improved exports, more jobs and better living standards for all Australians.

“Halving of the current diesel fUel excise with the remainder to be retained as a designated road user charge is a step in the right direction for local Industry,” said the Chairman of the Road Transport Forum, Mr Ron Fmemerc

“This will allow Australia to remain internationally competitive by reducing the costs on industry, particularly the agricultural, mining, fisheries and forestry industries, largely based in regional Australia"

"Eight per cent of all Australia’s merchandise exports originates from regional Australia,*’ he added.

The trucking Industry has been calling on this reform for some time. The currant taxation system sees the industry paying over two and a half times that of other industries, which is passed onto all Australians.

“The trucking industry already operates at world’s best practice, despite the excessive taxation imposed on this industry. Any relief to this will only benefit Australia through improved international and domestic competitiveness," said Mr Finenore.

“Twenty cents in most dollars spent on household goods represent transport costs. This kind of reform will have positive affects on the 'hip pocket nerve' of every household."

"The second biggest Impediment is the state of Australia’s infrastructure. The implementation of an ! S cent per litre road user charge, and actually use it for that purpose, is the answer."

“For too long infrastructure spending has lacked the integrity that is needed to enhance our infrastructure, which has deteriorated to a critical state."

"Presently only around three cents per litre of ftiel excise goes back into infrastructure expenditure and this has resulted in a $143 to $20B backlog in identified viable rotd projects."

‘ The announcement today will get Australia 'back on track, back in the black’, allowing this industry which acts as the mortar between the bricks o f all industry to be the world’s best,’1 Mr Finemore concluded.

The Transport industry calls on all governments to realise the substantial benefits such reforms can have on all Australians.

CANBERRA 13 August 1998

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