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A better deal for teachers

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ROGER PRICE MP Federal Member for Chifley PO Box 259 Mt Druitt NSW 2770

For Immediate Release

“I welcome the Senate Employment, Education and Training References Committee

report entitled “A class act: inquiry into the status of the teaching profession”. The

report recommends, amongst other things, professional recognition for our teachers”,

said Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley.

“Teachers have been loaded with extra responsibilities in recent years, and have

perhaps not received the commensurate rewards in return, or acknowledgment for

their work. They have also been blamed for a lot of the failings of the current system,

eroding their confidence and impacting on their ability to provide the best education for

our children".

“Education is a major concern in the general community and the report confirms that


“There was a unanimity of views of all people who put forward submissions: there is a

very significant challenge, from a crisis to major problems, confronting the status of

teachers and teaching in this country. This included a unanimity of views between

private and public schools, and it is best that both travel together for the benefit of the

education system”.

“This report demonstrates that across this country there is a profound sense of

malaise amongst the nation’s 250,000 teachers. This malaise is not confined to the

public sector; it is also being experienced very widely within the private sector".

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“There is no way in which you can have a sophisticated, civilised and decent society

if citizens are not provided with a quality education, and there is no way you can

have quality education without having quality teaching”.

“If we want the best for our children, if we want the best for our families, then we

certainly need to back up a good education system with good teaching".

"I agree with the report’s finding that it is time to put beyond doubt the fact that

teaching is a profession, and that there be the establishment of a national

professional teaching standards and registration body. It would have the

responsibility, authority and resources to develop and maintain high standards of

professional practice".

“The report has emphasised that there is high quality teaching going on in this

country but there are always ways in which things can be improved’'.

“The age profile of teachers shows the average age of teachers is about 46 years -

and many of our teachers have not had access to professional development for

many years”.

“It is important to lift the status of the teaching profession and provide teachers with

the support they require in order to improve the quality of education In Australia",

concluded Mr Price.


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Dated: 6 April 1998 Fax: (02) 9832-2641.