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Football supporters punished under a GST by $315

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Football supporters punished under a GST by $315 ·-?-· A com prehensive report released today by the N ational Tax & Accountants Association has identified th a t a family of four will pay an additional $315 to a tte n d tiie football over the

regular season including the finals.

Ray Regan, P resid en t of the N ational Tax & Accountants Association states, “ we have based our detailed analysis on the following assum ptions:

3 An average family com prising two adults and two children under the age of 15 years: 3 The family will purchase all th e ir food for the day a t the football; u The family will commute to and from the football with the use of public transport; □ They will acquire a family ticket at the football each week;

j At the com m encem ent of the season the two children will purchase a football jum per and team scarf; and □ Based on a GST rate of 10%”. .

Ray Regan states, “ the increased cost of $315 to attend the football season for the family relates to a savage prem ium in the price of item s th a t are currently totally exem pt from the application of our existing wholesale sales tax system".

As such, the $315 is unfortunately an additional cost th a t m ust be m et by the football public. Sadly, the introduction of a GST will m ean th a t the “great aussie b a ttle r” will need to tighten the family budget even further to enjoy the w eekend excitem ent of the football.

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