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Change to Constitution for tax reform

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Embargoed till 12.30pm Thurday September 10

Change to Constitution for Tax Reform ( Csfj} f C - —

The Unity Party announced today its innovative plan to solve Australia’s taxation problems by amending the Constitution to ensure an equitable Commonwealth-State arrangement.

Where: State Parliament House (Steps) Macquarie St, Sydney

When: 12.30 pm Thursday September 10 Speaking: Jason Li- Unity Senate Team Leader

Jason Li Unity Party Senate Team leader believes that the financial relationship between the Commonwealth and States must be re-engineered.

“The bottom line is the buck stops here, the States provide the essential services such as health, education and the police and it is imperative that they be able to allocate funds according to their own mandate.” said Mr Li.

“State Governments should not be required to take the begging bowl to Canberra.” he said.

The Unity Party proposes that a Tax Convention be held with the aim to provide a forum to achieve consensus on taxation reform.

“This election has been centered on a GST or no GST platform. The Australian people deserve more than having to choose between two imperfect models” said Mr Li.

“Australians don’t want a band aid approach to tax reform and this Punch and Judy show between the major parties will not provide this country with the best solution”, he said.

“When the Unity party holds the balance of power we will ensure that the Australian people are consulted and have the opportunity to be adequately informed about the issues." said Mr Li.

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