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First to market wins race: CSIRO CEO

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CSIRO Media Release


12 February 1998

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It is fundamental to the success of Australian industry to get to the market first with products involving new technologies, according to CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Malcolm McIntosh.

Dr McIntosh says that there is a new degree of urgency in the development and adoption of the technology underpinning the competitiveness of industry.

Dr McIntosh was delivering the inaugural Optus Discovery Lecture in Parliament House, Canberra. The annual lecture is associated with CSIRO’s new Discovery Centre to be opened in Canberra in (date), for which Optus is a principal sponsor.

“Much of Australia’s science and technology will necessarily be imported,” said Dr McIntosh. “We must become even more adept at its rapid adoption and exploitation.

“It is not possible for Australia to compete everywhere, so we must pick niches which enable us to leap-frog over the work done by others.

“Picking niches is not easy. The best people to pick niches are the very people who have the expertise to achieve the outcomes themselves. Then it is necessary to concentrate our resources and expertise to support the chosen projects so that they achieve sufficient scale and

critical mass.”

Dr McIntosh says that the role of science and technology in underpinning all our daily activities had become so familiar that it was perhaps even being ignored because of its familiarity.

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