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Australia continues to disappoint on migration policy

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Australia continues to disappoint on migration policy

The Greens will not support the Gillard Government in their race to the bottom on immigration policy, as they plan to annexe the entire continent of Australia from the migration zone for refugees who arrive by boat.

“This is a shameful piece of legislation that discriminates against some of the most vulnerable people in our region, based on the way in which they arrive in Australia,” Greens immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“The Government will say that this is about discouraging people from getting on boats but it is clear that the only way to achieve that is by offering people safer pathways, not by removing people’s fundamental right to apply for asylum in Australia.

“Rather than trying to help these vulnerable people, this Labor Government is now going to try to enact legislation that is so discriminatory and un-Australian that John Howard faced an internal revolt when he tried it in 2006.

“It is such a bad piece of legislation that even Barnaby Joyce threatened to cross the floor.

“It was a bad law then and it is a bad law now.

“Australia is famous as the country of the fair go, but if the Gillard Government continues down this path of using refugees as pawns in a political point scoring game against the Opposition, that reputation will be lost.”

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