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Katter's Australian Party sets it sights on Federal Election: McLindon appointed as State Director

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Monday, 4 June, 2012


Katter’s Australian Party sets it sights on Federal Election McLindon appointed as State Director

Katter’s Australian Party has today announced that it will contest the Federal Election and has called for expressions of interest for lower house and senate candidates in Queensland.

Federal Leader, Hon Bob Katter MP, made the announcement while revealing that the party was also in delicate negotiations with several organisations in three other states regarding the expansion of Katter’s Australian Party across Australia.

“Katter’s Australian Party will contest the Federal Election in Queensland,” said Mr Katter.

“We stand to make a much stronger showing than at the Queensland election where we polled over 15 per cent in 33 seats. This time we will have the party’s full name on the ballot paper and have a preferential voting system.

“I can also reveal today that detailed analysis commissioned by the Party shows that we were cheated out of 8 ½ per cent of the primary vote because we were not allowed to have our full party name on the ballot paper.

“The LNP Premier and the ALP Prime Minister have both announced that they will be flying in foreign workers for the new coal and iron ore mines.

“These are plum jobs worth $100,00 to $150,000 per year and we won’t get them. Foreigners will.

“Katter’s Australian Party is on one side and, as usual, the LNP/ALP junta is on the other.”

Party President, Rowell Walton, also announced that former State Leader, Aidan McLindon, has been appointed as the party’s State Director for Queensland.

“Today marks the start of an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to seeing the party forge forth with great enthusiasm as we prepare for an all-out assault in the upcoming Federal Election,” said Mr McLindon.


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