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Rising WA electricity bills show need for home energy efficiency help.

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Scott Ludlam Rising WA electricity bills show need for home energy efficiency help Media Release | Spokesperson Scott Ludlam

Friday 30th January 2009, 3:29pm

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Low-income WA families should be protected from rising electricity costs through Government support to improve

home energy efficiency, the Australian Greens Spokesperson for Sustainable Cities Scott Ludlam says.

“The Greens have for a long time been calling on the Federal Government to cover up-front costs of energy

efficiency upgrades for home owners, thus reducing electricity expenses while creating thousands of new jobs in

building and construction,” Senator Ludlam said.

“Energy efficiency measures such as insulation, solar hot water systems and upgrades to appliances can save 30

to 70 per cent of a home’s electricity needs. Energy efficiency measures would therefore see some low income WA

households paying less for energy even with doubled electricity prices.

"In addition, with a gross feed-in tariff for renewable energy such as proposed by the Greens, we will also see a

more stable, clean and eventually cheaper energy network. WA could insulate itself against blackouts like those

hitting Victoria and South Australia now through a rapid roll-out of rooftop solar, wind and wave power, replacing

coal-fired power stations.

“Meanwhile, an inclining block tariff for electricity would keep prices lower for low electricity users while

discouraging very high use. For very low income households, there should also be direct financial assistance, plus

a ‘life-line tariff’ to ensure they have access to this essential utility.

“Improving energy efficiency and bringing renewable energy online provide an all-round win for the two biggest

problems facing Australia - climate change and the financial crisis.” Senator Ludlam said.

“Retrofitting energy efficiency in homes and rolling out renewable energy are very labour intensive - and right

now governments are looking for ways to protect and create jobs.”

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