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Family law courts: child support scheme

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Pauline Hanson’s One Nation believes that safe, secure and happy societies require as a guiding principle, strong functional family units. One Nation considers governments should recognise this basic principle and adopt responses that are aimed at long term family stability. One Nation believes that until a fair and just system is found for both parties, we will see the continual rise of domestic violence and suicide and murders associated with custody battles.

The following principles will be adopted by One Nation to rectify unjust applications from the Family Law Court and Child Support Agency.

One Nation supports mediation.

The Family Law Court will be abolished and replaced with a Family Tribunal.

The Family Tribunal will consist of people from mainstream Australia. Respected members from local community groups encompassing health, social and community interests groups will be invited to participate.

The functions and operation of the Child Support Agency will be reviewed and extensive community consultation will occur to develop appropriate guidelines for operations.

The punitive maintenance regime will be overhauled as a matter of urgency - key factors in this review include:

1. A formula that recognises the new cost of maintaining two households.

2. A pre-determined formula for non-custodial parents that in which additional incomes for overtime or a second job do not cause maintenance payments to increase.

3. Recognition that a child’s standard of living following divorce cannot be maintained at it’s pre-divorce level.

4. A formula based on after tax income not before tax income.

5. New families and their needs to be recognised in maintenance schedules.

6. A formula that recognises the number of children, their ages and individual requirements.

7. Property owned prior to the relationship will remain the possession of the individual. Settlements will be based on a 50 / 50 split between partners.

8. Recipients of Sole Supporting Parents (SSP) benefits will require counselling and verification of a family breakdown. When the youngest child reaches school age the SSP will be required to obtain work based on job availability, opportunities and qualifications.

Protracted settlements or incidents involving violence or abuse will be dealt with in the respective courts. Both parties will be entitled to legal aid and the unsuccessful party will pay the costs. Perjury charges will be enforced in court.


No publication date - received by Parl Library 1 August 2016

Joint custody is the option of choice for ONE Nation. It gives recognition to the vital role both parents have in

relationships with their children. Joint custody can provide some stability in an environment that is otherwise

turbulent for children.

Ideally the same case managers will work with families from entry to exit. Denied access will be referred to the

case manager for immediate investigation. Three denied access visits will result in the non-custodial parent

and custodial parent facing the tribunal to discuss shifting custodial arrangements.

Family centres will be developed and these centres will manage the family tribunals and associated support

services including counselling, life style management, parenting plans, preparation with self representation

and advocacy support. The family tribunals will be able to conduct a country circuit.

National Forums will be organised throughout Australia to identify family needs and identify community

solutions that will assist in strengthening and maintaining the family unit. Responses to the forum will be pro-

active and urgently address legislative inadequacies.

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