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Schedule 3—Unsolicited supplies

Schedule 3 Unsolicited supplies


Competition and Consumer Act 2010

1  Subsection 2(1) of Schedule 2 (definition of unsolicited services )

Repeal the definition, substitute:

unsolicited services means:

                     (a)  services supplied to a person; or

                     (b)  services purported to have been supplied to a person which have not been supplied;

without any request made by the person or on his or her behalf.

2  Paragraph 40(3)(a) of Schedule 2

Omit “supplying”.

3  Section 42 of Schedule 2

After “supplies”, insert “, or purports to supply but does not supply,”.

4  Paragraph 42(b) of Schedule 2

After “supply”, insert “or purported supply”.

5  Paragraph 162(3)(a) of Schedule 2

Omit “supplying”.