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Part 5-2—The Commonwealth Redress Scheme Rules

Part 5-2 The Commonwealth Redress Scheme Rules

Division 1 Simplified outline of this Part

116   Simplified outline of this Part

The Minister may make rules for the purposes of the scheme. They are subordinate legislation and may deal with matters that this Act requires or permits the rules to deal with, or that are necessary or convenient for the rules to deal with.

Division 2 The Commonwealth Redress Scheme Rules

117   The Commonwealth Redress Scheme Rules

             (1)  The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make rules prescribing matters:

                     (a)  required or permitted by this Act to be prescribed by the rules; or

                     (b)  necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Act.

             (2)  The rules may prescribe matters about the following:

                     (a)  the provision of legal services under the scheme;

                     (b)  the provision of support services under the scheme;

                     (c)  an institution ceasing to be a participating institution;

                     (d)  whether or how Part 3-1 (about liability to pay funding contribution) applies to participating institutions that are Commonwealth institutions;

                     (e)  repaying participating institutions in relation to debts recovered from a person under section 106.

             (3)  The provisions of this Act that provide for the rules to deal with matters do not limit each other.

             (4)  To avoid doubt, the rules may not do the following:

                     (a)  create an offence or civil penalty;

                     (b)  provide powers of:

                              (i)  arrest or detention; or

                             (ii)  entry, search or seizure;

                     (c)  impose a tax;

                     (d)  set an amount to be appropriated from the Consolidated Revenue Fund under an appropriation in this Act;

                     (e)  directly amend the text of this Act.