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Broadcasting and Other Legislation Amendment (Deregulation) Bill 2015

Schedule 1 Amendments relating to ACMA planning powers


Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005

1  Paragraphs 53(2)(e) and (f)

Repeal the paragraphs.

Broadcasting Services Act 1992

2  Sections 24 and 25

Repeal the sections.

3  Subsection 26(1)

Omit “, and those plans must be consistent with the relevant frequency allotment plan”.

4  Paragraph 26(1B)(a)

Omit “, under the relevant frequency allotment plan,”.

5  Subsection 26(1F)

Repeal the subsection.

6  Subsection 26(1M)

Omit “Sections 23 and 27 have”, substitute “Section 23 has”.

7  Subsection 26(8)

Omit “television licence area plan”, substitute “licence area plan”.

8  Sections 27 and 35

Repeal the sections.

9  Paragraph 39(4)(a)

Repeal the paragraph.

Radiocommunications Act 1992

10  Subsections 32(2) and (2A)

Repeal the subsections.

11  Paragraph 44A(2)(c)

Repeal the paragraph.