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Omnibus Repeal Day (Spring 2014) Bill 2014

Schedule 1 Agriculture

Part 1 Abolition of Fishing Industry Policy Council

Fisheries Administration Act 1991

1  Title

Omit “ and a Fishing Industry Policy Council ”.

2  Section 3

Repeal the section, substitute:

3   Simplified outline of this Act

This Act establishes a body corporate called the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

The Authority has a variety of functions and objectives, relating to the management of fisheries on behalf of the Commonwealth. It consists of the CEO, the Commission and the AFMA staff members.

The Commission is responsible for domestic fisheries management functions and powers of the Authority. It consists of the Chairperson, the CEO and up to 7 additional part-time members.

The CEO is responsible for foreign compliance functions and powers of the Authority and assisting the Commission.

The Minister may give directions to the Authority in exceptional circumstances and to the CEO about foreign compliance.

Committees may assist in the performance of the Authority’s functions and exercise of its powers.

The Act also deals with miscellaneous matters, such as consultation, planning and reporting, delegation and financial matters.

3  Subsection 4(1) (note)

Repeal the note.

4  Part 3

Repeal the Part.

Part 2 Obsolete farm support programs

Division 1—Main amendments

Rural Adjustment Act 1992

5  Section 3

Repeal the section, substitute:

3   Simplified outline of this Act

This Act establishes the National Rural Advisory Council and makes provision for administrative matters.

The Council has a Chairperson and up to 7 other members. The members have expertise in many fields, which may include economics, financial administration, banking, sustainable agriculture, regional adjustment, regional development, farm management and training. Some of its members represent the Commonwealth, the States and the National Farmers’ Federation.

Its function is to give the Minister requested advice and information about rural adjustment, regional issues, training issues and other matters.

It must give the Minister an annual report for each financial year.

6  Section 4 (definition of Farm Business Improvement Program )

Repeal the definition.

7  Section 4 (definition of person )

Repeal the definition.

8  Section 4 (definition of Rural Adjustment Scheme )

Repeal the definition.

9  Section 4 (definition of State component of the Rural Adjustment Scheme )

Repeal the definition.

10  Paragraph 8(b)

Omit “, and in particular matters relating to agreements with States under section 20E”.

11  Paragraph 8(c)

Repeal the paragraph.

12  Paragraph 8(d)

Omit “, and in particular the Farm Business Improvement Program”.

13  Subsection 20(1)

Omit “The report must include a report on the operation of the Rural Adjustment Scheme during the year.”.

14  Parts 3 to 5

Repeal the Parts.

15  Application provision

The amendment of section 20 of the Rural Adjustment Act 1992 made by this Part applies in relation to a report given to the Minister under that section on or after the commencement of this Part.

Division 2—Other amendments

Natural Heritage Trust of Australia Act 1997

16  Paragraph 18(b)

Omit “ 1992 ;”, substitute “ 1992 .”.

17  Paragraph 18(d)

Repeal the paragraph.

18  Subsections 19(7) and 20(4)

Repeal the subsections (not including the notes).

19  Section 49 (heading)

Repeal the heading, substitute:

49   Appropriations for the purposes of the Natural Resources Management (Financial Assistance) Act 1992

20  Subsections 49(4) and (5)

Repeal the subsections.

Part 3 Other amendments

Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act 1997

21  Subsections 63(1) and 64(1)

Repeal the subsections.

22  Subsection 65(1)

Omit “63(1)(b), 63(1)(e), 64(1)(b), 64(1)(e),”.

23  Subsection 65(2)

Omit “, 63(1)(c), 63(1)(d), 63(1)(f), 63(1)(g)”.

24  Subsection 65(2)

Omit “, 64(1)(c), 64(1)(d), 64(1)(f), 64(1)(g)”.

25  Subsection 65(3)

Omit “, 63(1)(a), 63(1)(h)”.

26  Subsection 65(3)

Omit “, 64(1A)(h), 64(1)(a) or 64(1)(h)”, substitute “or 64(1A)(h)”.

27  Paragraph 66(2)(a)

Omit “subsections 64(1A) and (1)”, substitute “subsection 64(1A)”.