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Health Legislation Amendment (Pharmacy Location Arrangements) Bill 2006

Schedule 1 Amendments relating to Australian Community Pharmacy Authority

Part 1 Amendments commencing on Royal Assent

National Health Act 1953

1  Subsection 90(3C)

Omit “30 June 2006”, substitute “30 June 2010”.

2  Section 99Y

Omit “30 June 2006”, substitute “30 June 2010”.


Part 2 Amendments commencing on 1 July 2006

National Health Act 1953

3  At the end of subsection 99N(1)


                   ; (e)  a person who, in the Minister’s opinion, is an appropriate person to represent the interests of consumers.

4  Subsection 99N(5)

Omit “or (c)”, substitute “, (c) or (e)”.


Part 3 Technical amendments

National Health Act 1953

5  Subsection 105AD(1) (definition of reviewable recommendation )

Omit “any of paragraphs (2)(a) to (2)(g)”, substitute “paragraph (2)(a) or (aa)”.

6  Paragraph 105AD(2)(aa)

Omit “subject;”, substitute “subject.”.