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Wednesday, 11 December 1974
Page: 3420

In Committee

Consideration resumed from 10 December.

Senate's amendments:

Senate 's amendment No. 1 -

Leave out clause 5.

Senate's amendment No. 2-

Leave out clause 8.

Clause 9.

After section 20 of the Principal Act the following section is inserted: 20a. ( 1 ) Before taking any action that could reasonably be expected to affect the conditions of employment, or the demand for labour, in the wool industry, the Corporation shall consult with, and have regard to the views of, the appropriate trade union organizations.

(2)   The Minister may give to the Corporation such directions in writing as he thinks necessary in connexion with the performance of the duty of the Corporation under subsection ( 1 ). '.

Senate's amendment No. 3-

At end of proposed sub-section 20a ( 1 ), add 'and appropriate employer groups '.

Senate's amendment No. 4-

Leave out proposed sub-section a. (2 ).

Clause 12.

After section 39 of the Principal Act the following section is inserted: 39a. Without limiting the functions of the Corporation under section 38, the functions of the Corporation include, to such extent as the Minister approves, trading in wool and wool products, acquiring and supplying wool for the purposes of programs of and by Australia to other countries, and manufacturing, or arranging for the manufacture, of wool products.'.

Senate's amendment No. 5-

Leave out ' acquiring and '.

Senate's amendment No. 6-

Leave out 'and manufacturing,'.

Clause 13.

Section 40 of the Principal Act is amended-

(a)   by omitting all the words preceding paragraph (e) and substituting the following words:

40.   Without limiting the generality of sub-section (4) of section 20, the powers of the Corporation for the purposes of the performance of its functions include power to-

(a)   insert and appraise wool presented for sale at auction;

(b)   buy and sell wool at auction or otherwise, export wool and enter into transactions in relation to the buying and selling of wool, including transactions by way of wool futures contracts;

Senate's amendment No. 7-

In paragraph (c) of proposed section 40, line 38, leave out process, or'.

Senate's amendment No. 8-

Leave out clause 1 8.

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