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Tuesday, 10 December 1974
Page: 3267

Message received from the House of Representatives in the following terms:

The House of Representatives returns to the Senate the Bill intituled A Bill for an Act to determine the site of the New and Permanent Parliament House, and for other purposes, and acquaints the Senate that the House of Representatives has agreed to Amendment No. 3 made by the Senate, and has agreed to Amendments Nos 1 and 2 with the amendments indicated by the annexed Schedule.

The House of Representatives desires the concurrence of the Senate in the Amendments made on Amendments Nos 1 and 2 of the Senate.

Motion (by Senator Poyser) agreed to:

That the message be taken into consideration by the Committee of the Whole forthwith.

In Committee

Senate's amendments-

1   . Leave out clause 3, insert the following clause:

3.   In this Act "Parliamentary zone" means the area of land bounded by the lines commencing at a point where Commonwealth Avenue intersects State Circle marked A, and thence in a northerly direction along Commonwealth Avenue to Lake Burly Griffin at a point marked B, and thence extending in an easterly direction along the shore of Lake Burley Griffin to a point where Kings Avenue intersects with the said Lake shore marked C, and thence in a southwesterly direction along Kings Avenue to State Circle at a point marked D, and thence in a westerly direction along

State Circle to the point of commencement excepting therefrom the Parliamentary grounds. '.

2.   Leave out clause 4, insert the following clauses:

4.   The new permanent Parliament House proposed to be constructed after the commencement of this Act shall bc constructed upon the site on Capital Hill marked "Site of Parliament House" on the plan set out in the Schedule.

S.   Except in accordance with a resolution of both Houses of the Parliament, no building or other work shall be erected within the Parliamentary grounds or within the Parliamentary zone.'.

House of Representatives amendments to Senate 's amendments.

That Senate Amendment No. 1 be amended by omitting all words from and including 'in a westerly direction' and substituting the following words: 'in a straight line, being an extension of Kings Avenue, to its intersection with Capital Circle and thence clockwise around Capital Circle to a point where it intersects with a straight line extending Commonwealth Avenue from the point marked A and thence along that line to the point of commencement, being the area delineated by hatching on the plan set out in the Schedule'.

That Senate Amendment No. 2 be amended by omitting clause 5 and substituting the following clause: 5 ( 1 ) No building or other work is to be erected on land within the Parliamentary zone unless the Minister has caused a proposal for the erection of the building or work to be laid before each House of the Parliament and the proposal has been approved by resolution of each House of Parliament.

(2)   Sub-section (1) does not prevent the carrying out of work by way of maintenance or repair of buildings or works situated on land within the Parliamentary zone, or by way of internal alterations to those buildings or works.

(3   ) Sub-section ( 1 ) does not apply to buildings and works which have reached the documentation stage by 1 December 1974.'.

Motion (by Senator Poyser) proposed:

That the Committee does not insist on the amendments disagreed to by the House of Representatives and agrees to the amendments made in place thereof.

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