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Wednesday, 4 December 1974
Page: 3095

Senator POYSER (VICTORIA) - The Minister for the Media will recall my interest, evinced in previous questions, in the provision of adequate television services for north-eastern Victoria. I now ask the Minister whether a decision has been reached regarding a television service for the people of Corryong in Victoria and the people of Khancoban in New South Wales? If he has decided on the provision of a service, when can the people in these areas expect it to commence?

Senator Douglas McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for the Media) -The Senate will recall that earlier this year, I think it was, Senator Poyser raised with me the question of improved television services for the people of north-eastern Victoria, as well as other areas of Victoria. I told him that I would refer the matter to the Australian Broadcasting Control Board. It was in about April of this year that I received a recommendation from the Control Board, which I approved, for the establishment of a translator station in the Corryong-Khancoban area. As a result of my approval being given to that installation the work was taken in hand by Senator Bishop's Department- the PostmasterGeneral's Department- and the Australian Post Office has now informed the Broadcasting Control Board that the station to serve the CorryongKhancoban area will be completed in about 9 days time and is scheduled to go to air by 13 December. It will be a national station and it will relay the programs from ABAV, Upper Murray, and will operate on Channel 9. I can tell the honourable senator that this station is the 23rd national station to come into operation in the 2 years that the Labor Government has been in office.

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