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Tuesday, 26 November 1974
Page: 2759

Senator MISSEN (Victoria) -May I just say that -

The CHAIRMAN - I would appreciate it if comments could be directed to the oath or affirmation of office as that is the only matter with which we are dealing.

Senator MISSEN - I was merely going to draw Senator Guilfoyle 's attention to proposed clause 21a which does not relate to that but I think does relate to her question.

The CHAIRMAN - The question is:

That the words proposed to be left out (Senator Greenwood's amendment) be left out.

Those of that opinion say aye; to the contrary no. I think the noes have it.

Senator Greenwood - Mr Chairman,I thought the matter was being deferred. If it is not being deferred I call for a division.

Senator Murphy - I said I would prepare an amendment.

The CHAIRMAN - Does the Committee wish me to put the question again? I put the question again. It is:

That the words proposed to be left out (Senator Greenwood's amendment) be left out.

Is the Committee familiar with the words that Senator Greenwood intends to leave out?

Senator Missen - My understanding was that the Attorney-General was going to add words and had agreed to do so and that consequently no words were to be left out. I must admit that I do not understand this amendment as being designed to leave out words. Rather I understand the Attorney-General proposes to add words.

The CHAIRMAN - If the Committee wishes I shall read Senators Greenwood's proposed amendment. He is moving that the words of proposed new clause 1 7g be further amended by deleting all words after the word 'form' on the fourth line and then inserting other words in lieu thereof. I put that question to the Committee.

Senator Laucke - I take it that the other words include the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty?

Senator Murphy - No, they do not.

The CHAIRMAN -Does the Committee wish me to read the amendment?

Senator Greenwood - I thought the AttorneyGeneral was now agreeing to it.

Senator Murphy - If this proposed new clause is carried by the Committee I undertake that I will get the modern form of the oath of allegiance, bring it in and put it before the Committee. The honourable senator can then move that it be included in the Bill and I will not oppose the motion. I hope we will be able to get on with the Bill.

The CHAIRMAN - Is it your wish to defer the section?

Senator Murphy - No. Put this amendment through and I will bring in an oath of allegiance.

The CHAIRMAN - The question is, that the words proposed to be deleted by Senator Greenwood's amendment be deleted. Those of the opinion say aye.

Senator Greenwood - Aye.

The CHAIRMAN - To the contrary no.

Senator Murphy

The CHAIRMAN - I think the noes have it.

Senator Greenwood - Divide.

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