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Thursday, 17 October 1974
Page: 1825

Senator GREENWOOD (Victoria) - I rise only to assert the right of senators in this chamber to speak as they wish to speak on issues and to submit themselves as they may have to from time to time to the rejoinders of those who do not like the way they speak. I spoke very briefly last night and I am surprised that Senator Hall should feel that what I had to say should cause him embarrassment. I sense that he was embarrassed because it is quite unusual for him to speak with the feeling with which he spoke both at a later stage last night and again today, and in the course of what he said today to claim that in effect there was a misrepresentation which does not exist. I have read the report in the Launceston 'Examiner' and it is totally accurate.

Senator Milliner - In your opinion.

Senator GREENWOOD -There may be some selecting from what was said during the course of the debate but so far as Senator Hall is concerned it was accurate in what it related about him. He has got to face the fact that he did vote with the Labor Party to reject Senator Rae's amendment which simply asked that this Senate express the opinion, in effect, that Tasmania was being hardly dealt with and suggested that it would be better if Tasmania were given more money and that we should recognise the problems which Tasmania experiences because of the cost problems in regard to transport. That is the real problem facing Tasmania today. It has been a problem facing Tasmania over a long period.

The folly, the vice, of this present Government's position is that for so long it promised to equalise the cost differentia] between Tasmania and the mainland on the basis that Tasmania was simply one of the mainland States and the Government has failed to live up to its promise. Why should we not use every opportunity to point that out?

Last night I rose simply to highlight the fact that the Government senators had not honoured their promise and I finished by saying, after I had made that point:

We only regret that the man who speaks for the State of South Australia as he claims, as the Liberal Movement senator, was not prepared to speak on behalf of the State of Tasmania.

I do regret it, because Senator Hall comes here as the solitary independent from South Australia and as a States' interest man and it is a matter of regret that he cannot speak up on behalf of another State. I will not be intimidated by some suggestion that I have a past which can be investigated and I do not think it reflects credit on Senator Hall that he uses that sort of intimidatory tactic.

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