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Wednesday, 12 December 1973
Page: 2748

Mr PRESIDENT - Order! I am the judge of the relevance. I call Senator Cant.

Senator Rae -I wish to take a point of order.

The PRESIDENT -Order! I call Senator Cant and ask him to address himself to the substantive motion.

Senator CANT - Mr President,I submit to you -

Senator Jessop - On a point of order, I should like to know whether there is a motion before the Chair.

The PRESIDENT - There is a motion before the Chair.

Senator Jessop - Has the motion been seconded?

The PRESIDENT - There is a motion before the Chair and it is the custom of the Senate to see that the motion is seconded. I will have it seconded.

Senator O'Byrne - I second the motion.

Senator Jessop - I submit that that whole debate is out of order.

The PRESIDENT - It is not out of order. Senator Jessop, resume your seat. Senator Cant, address yourself to the motion.

Senator CANT -I submit that Senator Webster has spoken from a letter, allegedly received from an alleged doctor in the United Kingdom, in support of the argument that he presented against the Bill that is presently before the House. Senator Milliner has asked for the tabling of the document from which Senator Webster quoted. From the quotations of Senator Webster I submit that standing order 364 is applicable and that the document quoted, used to support a particular line of argument, should be tabled in the Senate so that the Senate can judge for itself whether it is an authentic document, whether it is written by a doctor, whether it is received by a doctor and from whom it was received. I say to you, Mr President, that the document should be tabled. If the Senator does not wish to table it then I say he has addressed this chamber under false pretences.

The PRESIDENT -Order! I think the matter has been debated enough. The standing order is perfectly clear. The Chair is the servant of the Standing Orders and cannot do anything else but apply the standing order. The standing order is rigid. The motion nas been moved for the tabling of a document. The motion has been seconded. That will satisfy Senator Jessop. I suggest that the matter be put to the test, because it is the Senate that resolves it and not the Chair.

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