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Tuesday, 4 December 1973
Page: 2434

The PRESIDENT A s this is a Bill to amend the Constitution the provisions of section 128 of the Constitution must be observed. Therefore I direct that the bells be rung. Passage of this Bill requires an absolute majority.

(The bells having been rung)—

The PRESIDENT Loc k the doors. I must inform honourable senators that I ordered the bells to be rung in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution. As no division was called for on the motion for the third reading of this Bill I ordered that the bells be rung. The question is 'that the Bill be now read a third time'. Those in favour say aye; to the contrary no. As there is no dissentient voice I declare that the ayes have it. As no division was called for I think it desirable that the names of those honourable senators present who agree to the third reading of the Bill be recorded. I therefore appoint Senators Young and O'Byrne as tellers and direct the tellers to record the names so that there is a record in the journals of the Senate of those honourable senators who have indicated their support.

Senators agreeing to the Third Reading:

Anderson, Sir Kenneth

Bishop, R.

Bonner, N. T.

Buttfield, Dame Nancy

Byrne, C. B.

Cameron, Donald

Cant, H. G.J.

Carrick, J. L.

Cavanagh, J. L.

Cormack, Sir Magnus

Cotton, R. C.

Davidson, G. S.

Devitt, D. M.

Drake-Brockman, T. C.

Drury, A. J.

Durack, P. D.

Gair, V.C.

Georges, G.

Gietzelt, A. T.

Greenwood, I. J.

Guilfoyle, M.G.C.

Hannan, G. C.

Jessop, D. S.


Keeffe, J. B.

Laucke, C. L.

Lawrie, A. G. E.

Litde, J. A.

McAuliffe, R.E.

McClelland, Douglas

McClelland, James

McLaren, G.T.

MeManus, F. P.

Marriott, J. E.

Maunsell, CR.

Milliner, B. R.

Mulvihill, J. A.

Murphy, L. K.

Poke, A. G.

Poyser, A. G.

Primmer, C. G.

Rae, P. E.

Sim, J.P.

Townley, M.

Webster, J.J.

Wheeldon, J.M.

Wilkinson, L. D.

Withers, R.G.

Wood, I. A. C.

Wriedt, K.S.


O'Byrne, J.

Young, H.W.

The PRESIDENT Order ! As 52 senators have agreed to the third reading ofthe Bill I certify that the third reading has been agreed to by an absolute majority as is required by the Constitution of Australia.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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