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Tuesday, 27 November 1973
Page: 2113

The PRESIDENT - I wish to inform honourable senators that I have received the following letter from the Speaker of the House of Parliament, Queensland, as follows:

Dear Mr President,

On the 2 1 st November, 1 973, the Parliament of Queensland adopted a Resolution in relation to the proposed Referendums on the Control of Prices and Incomes.

I have been authorised to advise you of the terms of this Resolution, and accordingly a copy is enclosed herewith.

I have advised the Party leaders of the receipt of this information from the House of Parliament in Queensland. I have given consideration to it and I feel it is my duty to respond by reading the resolution of the Queensland Parliament to honourable senators.

Senator Georges -Is it open to debate?

The PRESIDENT - We can deal with that matter after I have read it. That is something for honourable senators to decide. The resolution is as follows:

That the Legislative Assembly of Queensland in Parliament assembled, having regard to the fact that proposed laws for the alteration of the Constitution of the Commonwealth by conferring on the Parliament of the Commonwealth power to make laws with respect to prices, or prices and incomes, will be submitted to electors as required by section 128 of the Constitution, and recognizing-

(1)   that the proposed alterations of the Constitution have grave implications for the citizens of the State of Queensland:

(   2 ) that the proposed alterations would seriously impair the powers of the legislature of the State to legislate for the peace welfare and good government of the citizens of this State:

(3)   that the acquisition of these powers by the Parliament of the Commonwealth would constitute a major step towards the achievement of the obvious objective of the present Federal Government- the eventual abolition of the States:

(4)   that the acquisition of these powers by the Parliament of the Commonwealth by reason of the lack of definition as to their scope and use would be a source of confusion and uncertainty to, and could be a source of oppression against, the citizens of the State in the conduct of thenaffairs: therefore doth agree and resolve- that the conferring of powers on the Parliament of the Commonwealth as proposed is inimical to the welfare of the citizens of Queensland and that accordingly the Assembly is totally and irrevocably opposed to such conferral: and further doth agree to authorise

(a)   the Honourable the Premier and Ministers of the State, on behalf of the citizens of the State of Queensland, to take whatever action they consider necessary or desirable to safeguard and protect the sovereign rights of the citizens of the State of Queensland from any unwarranted intrusion or invasion by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia;

(b)   the Speaker of this Assembly to advise the President of the Senate of this Resolution.

Senator Withers - I ask leave to move a motion that the Senate take note of the paper.

The PRESIDENT -Is leave granted? There being no objection, leave is granted.

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