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Tuesday, 20 November 1973
Page: 1904

Senator WRIGHT - My question is directed to the Attorney-General. Among the matters which he produced in response to my request in Estimates Committee A with relation to the payment of $62,900 in lieu of long service leave to Sir Richard Kirby on his retirement, was a letter from Mr Harders, the Secretary of the AttorneyGeneral 's Department, in which he said to Sir Richard:

I have arranged for office accommodation to be available for you and your Associate at 99 Queen Street, Melbourne. 1 ask: For what period, at what cost and for the performance of what duties?

Senator MURPHY - I have a recollection of sending a letter to Estimates Committee A in connection with this matter in the last few days. However, I shall try to recall what was in it. I think the period was 6 months and the purpose was to enable Sir Richard Kirby to attend to matters which might be outstanding. A similar course was taken in regard to the former Chief Justice of the High Court, the late Sir Owen Dixon, if my recollection of the answer I sent is correct. I understand that no cost is involved in the provision of the office as it was already available. I am not absolutely certain of these details but that is my recollection of them. In any event the information, I feel almost certain, has been conveyed to Estimates Committee A.

Prime Minister's Visit to China (Question No. 533)

Senator Hannan asked the Minister representing the Prime Minister, upon notice:

(   1 ) Will the Prime Minister inform the Senate of the number of people, other than crew members, of the Qantas Airway's Ltd Boeing 707 aircraft, who accompanied him on his most recent visit to the People's Republic of China.

(2)   What are the names and official functions of all such persons.

(3)   Is it a fact that 2 such persons who accompanied the Prime Minister were actually newspaper executives, not mere reporters, namely Mr John Menadue, General Manager of the Murdoch Empire' and News Ltd and Mr Farrell, Editorial Manager of John Fairfax and Sons Ltd of the Sydney Morning Herald.

(4)   Is it a fact that the Editor of the Melbourne Age, Mr Perkin, declined an invitation on the grounds that it would probably compromise his position as Editor of an independent paper.

(   5 ) If Mr Perkin 's objection was valid, can the Prime Minister advise the Senate where a fair non-oleaginous report of the visit can be obtained.

Senator Murphy - The Prime Minister has provided the following reply to the honourable senator's question:

(   1 ) and (2) Other than employees of Qantas Airways Limited and of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the names of those 60 persons who accompanied my wife and me on the charter flight between Tokyo and Peking were:

The 60 names are set out.

Senator Wright - Is there a reason for obscuring the names?

Senator Murphy - If the Senate wishes me to read out the names I will, but the document will be circulated.

Senator Wright - A favourite device.

Senator Murphy - The honourable senator who has asked the question has not requested the names to be read out.

The PRESIDENT - Order! The question was asked by Senator Hannan. He is the senator to take objection.

Senator Wright - I ask for the benefit of the Senate.

The PRESIDENT - Senator Murphycan ask for leave to incorporate the list in Hansard.

Senator Murphy - I ask for leave to incorporate the list in Hansard. It is in accordance with Senator Hannah's indication that that would satisfy him.

The PRESIDENT -Is leave granted? There being no objection, leave is granted. (The document read as follows)-

The Honourable Frank Crean, M.P.- Treasurer. Mrs F. Crean.

The Honourable Rex Patterson, M.P.- Minister for Northern Development and Minister for the Northern Territory.

Mr T.J. Burns, M.L.A. Member of Australian Labor

Party delegation to China which I led in July 1971. Dr H. C. Coombs- Consultant to the Prime Minister. Mrs Coombs.

Dr J.F. Hammett, Consultant Physician.

Dr P.Wilenski, Principal Private Secretary.

MrG. Freudenberg- Special Adviser.

Mr J.Spigelman Senior Adviser.

Mr E.Williams Press Secretary.

Miss C. Summerhayes Personal Secretary.

Miss B. Stuart Personal Secretary to Mrs Whitlam.

Mrs L.Dwyer Assistant to the Press Secretary.

Mr R.Freney Private Secretary to Mr Crean.

Miss B. McLennan Private Secretary to Dr Patterson.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Sir JohnBunting, C.B.E. Secretary.

Lady Bunting.

Mr K..W. Pearson First Assistant Secretary.

Mr W.G. N. Orr, C.V.O., M.B.E., E.D.-Deputy Director, Government Ceremonial and Hospitality Office.

Mr R.F. Millar Driver.

Miss J. Robinson Stenographer.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Sir KeithWaller, C.B.E. Secretary.

Lady Waller.

Mr A.P. Renouf, O.B.E. Secretary Designate.

Mr H.D. Anderson, O.B.E. First Assistant Secretary.

Mr R.A. Woolcott First Assistant Secretary.

Mr P.J. Flood Assistant Secretary.

Mr D.Ashman, Senior Technical Officer.

Miss S. Arthur Senior Machine Operator.

Miss D. Thomas Stenographer.

Department of Overseas Trade

Mr D.H. McKay, O.B.E. Secretary.

Mrs McKay.

Department of the Treasury

Mr J.H. Garrett, O.B.E. Deputy Secretary.

Attorney-General's Department

Mr G.A, Brennan Special Assistant in Public International Law.

Sergeant B. Brown-Commonwealth Police Officer.

Sergeant R. Massey- Commonwealth Police Officer.

Australian Information Service

Mr S.H. Fitzpatrick Senior Photographer.

Press Party

Mr A.Barnes.

Mr P.Barron.


Mr K.Begg.

Mr A.Bray.

Mr F.Brenchley.

Mr G.Clark.

Mr R.Colvill.


Mr P.Harvey.

Mr B.Johns.

Mr D.Johnston.

MrK. McKendry.

Mr J.Menadue.



Mr J.Penlington.

MrL. Shaw.

Mr D.Solomon.

Mr P.South.

MrB. White.

Mr A.Wood

Senator Murphy - The remainder of the answer is:

(3)   Yes.

(4)   The Editor of the Melbourne 'Age', Mr G. Perkin, was invited but declined the invitation, giving me his reasons for doing so. I do not reveal the contents of personal letters.

(5)   Reporters who have seen China for themselves do not confirm the honourable senator's prejudices.

That is the answer which has been supplied and which is available for circulation.

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