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Thursday, 8 November 1973
Page: 1700

Senator WOOD (Queensland) -Mr President-

The PRESIDENT - Are you addressing yourself to the amendment, Senator Wood?

Senator WOOD - Yes, Mr President. I think the amendment moved by Senator Prowse will really bring about some action in a very quick manner. Reference has been made to the delay in arriving at a decision on the site of the new and permanent parliament house. The House of Representatives has made a decision as a single House. What is wrong with Senator Prowse 's amendment, which would mean that we would express right now that we are in favour of, as his motion puts it, the Capital Hill site?

Senator Byrne - We did that before and it was disagreed with by the then Government

Senator WOOD - Senator Wrighthas proposed that an Act of Parliament should be passed in relation to his matter. There is no reason why immediately that Senator Prowse 's amendment is carried we cannot enact the amendment in a piece of legislation. If this were done it would be on the stocks and on the business of the Senate. Arguments have been put forward about whether a decision on this matter should be delayed. I think that the amendment put forward by Senator Prowse concerning the siting of the new parliament house is the quickest way by which a decision will be reached so far as we in this chamber are concerned. There is no reason why, immediately Senator Prowse 's amendment is put through, Senator Wright's Bill cannot be amended and the site specified as Capital Hill instead of Camp Hill. I am prepared to support the amendment put forward by Senator Prowse because I think it is the quickest way of getting a decision. As I have said, immediately the amendment is passed we could then introduce a parliamentary enactment such as Senator Wright proposes.

It has been suggested that I have been galloping inside and outside this chamber. This is a very important matter which is not being considered on party lines. We are sitting here as individuals. The purpose of this debate is to convince individual senators which site should be selected. If anybody can bring forth a good argument I hope that my mind will never be shut to it.

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