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Wednesday, 7 November 1973
Page: 1635

Senator Carrick asked the Minister representing the Minister for Science, upon notice:

(   1 ) What is the present radiation level in Australia.

(2   ) By how much has it varied over the last five years.

(3   ) What are the current radiation levels in:

(a)   the United Kingdom;

(b)   the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics;

(c)   the United States of America;

(d)   Canada;

(e)   New Zealand; and ( 0 the inhabited parts of the French nuclear testing area.

(4)   By what percentages has the present radiation level been contributed to by past nuclear testing by:

(a)   the United Kingdom;

(b)   the United States of America;

(c)   the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics;

(   d ) the People 's Republic of China; and

(e)   France.

Senator Murphy - The Minister for Science has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

In answering the honourable senator's question I am assuming that he is referring to the level of radiation arising from fallout

I refer the honourable senator to the answer given by the Attorney-General in Question No. 270 in regard to sections 1, 3 and 4 of his question.

In respect of section 2 of his question, over the last five years, the annual dose-rates to the population from all fallout in Australia, including strontium 90 and caesium 137, have remained about 1 millirad per year to body tissues generally, and, depending on the person 's age, 2 to 5 millirads per year to bone tissues. The radiation dose to thyroid, however, has varied year-by-year up to total levels of IS millirads in a year for young children.

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