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Wednesday, 7 November 1973
Page: 1566

Senator GIETZELT (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Has the Leader of the Government in the Senate noted the large scale petrol promotion campaign being waged by the Shell Co. of Australia Ltd to sell 'New Generation Shell'? Can the Minister say, from his knowledge of the Department of Customs and Excise, whether there is any difference in the quality of various brands of petrol? Is he, in his capacity representing the Minister for Science, able to say whether the so-called additives mixed with petrol are beneficial to motorists or the community, or is the device merely an exercise in consumer deception? Has the Minister for Science had any opportunity to have analysed the additives mixed with petrol? Does this type of advertising come within the scope of consumer protection and the Trade Practices Bill 1973?

Senator MURPHY - I am aware that the various oil companies from time to time conduct their promotional campaigns based mostly on the supposed value of the various additives. It is true, and I think well known, that the companies do borrow petrol from one another. They draw from one another's refineries under borrow and loan arrangements. This has been a longstanding custom. I understand that the additives are put in immediately before delivery. As to the value of these additives, I do not know whether any testing has been done for the Minister for Science. It is not known by me whether additives are a matter of value, a matter of faith or a matter of deception as the honourable senator suggests. I will ask the Minister for Science whether there is anything that can be added by way of providing information to what I have said. It might be that there is some kind of testing done by the Government to ascertain whether there is any difference in the various brands of petrol which are used by the Government, but I am not aware of that.

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