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Wednesday, 20 September 1972
Page: 1094

Senator HANNAN (Victoria) (12:33 PM) - I enter this melee briefly to refer to to one or two matters raised by Senator Douglas McClelland. Like very many other honourable senators, I am getting heartily sick and tired of the synthetic indignation poured across this chamber in respect of a charge which has been wholly unsustained. I do not intend to traverse that matter now. I am sick and tired also of pointing out that senators on this side of the chamber are just as much opposed to terror and horror on all sides, whether it be from the right, the left, or the centre, as any honourable senator opposite. I draw attention to Senator Douglas McClelland's statement that he believes that none of the migrants are entitled to work for the freedom of the countries whence they came. Most of them have come here to escape communist tyranny, and the honourable senator should know that.

Senator Milliner - Where is your evidence in that direction?

Senator HANNAN - I have spoken to hundreds of migrants who have told me that they came here to get away from communist tyranny. There is no doubt about that. I want to make quite sure that Senator Douglas McClelland is expressing the views of his Party when he says that these people are not entitled to work, even as Senator Carrick points out, within the law. for the freedom of their own country so that it can get away from the iron heel of communism. Of course, the honourable senator did what members of the Labor Party do in things of this nature. They arrive at a verdict and then look around for evidence. A gentleman was pushed out of the window and killed at the Yugoslav Club in Sydney on Saturday. For some reason or other, this serious event has not been referred to by honourable senators opposite. But not even they in their wildest flights of imagination would suggest that the dreaded Ustasha pushed this poor unfortunate man out of the window.

I have heard talk about the burning of the Yugoslav flag. I am disgusted to hear such indignation expressed about the burning of a Communist flag when supporters of the Australian Labor Party have stood and watched the burning in public of the Australian flag. Their supporters have burned the Australian flag in public. Yet honourable senators rise here synthetically indignant about the burning of a Communist flag. Do not let us have this nonsense in this chamber.

As I have said, the Australian Labor Party has already convicted the right-wing Croatian movement, the centre Croatian movement and even the left wing Croatian movement. There are some left wing Croatian movements. This morning, the Press carried a story which looks like torpedoing the whole of the nonsense which the Opposition has promoted in the last 2 days. That story stated that the shocking bombing in Sydney may have been the result of a family fued and have nothing whatever to do with politics.

Senator O'Byrne - Well, let us discover the facts.

Senator HANNAN - That is exactly what we want to do. We want to assist the police to complete their investigations and to prosecute to the utmost limits of the law anyone who is found guilty of a breach of the peace of this nature. If we are to talk on political points - it is not my intention to raise these points - it is just as likely that the KOS, which is the overseas arm of the UDBA, would be as likely to arrange and fake these incidents as the so-called dreaded Ustasha. I know that this is a revolutionary thought. I know it is silly to say so, but I prefer to wait to see what the evidence is before coming to a decision.

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