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Tuesday, 29 August 1972
Page: 461

Senator GAIR (Queensland) (Leader Australian Democratic Labor Party) - The members of the Democratic Labor Party certainly desire to be associated with this sad motion of condolence to Her Majesty the Queen, the parents of the late Prince and other members of the Royal Family on the untimely and tragic death of Prince William. The Queen, as our monarch, must be a very worried and troubled lady in the usual discharge of her duties, particularly because of the great troubles throughout the world and especially in the British speaking countries. This additional sorrow can only add to the great burden that she is carrying already. We sympathise very keenly and deeply with her in this tragic death of her cousin.

It is always sad to read of the death of a young person, whether a prince or a commoner. Too many young men and women are dying today as a result of the road toll or in unexpected aeroplane crashes for us to be complacent or undisturbed about these events, lt strikes fear into one to read of the death of these young people, some of whom are of very tender years and others of whom are in their young manhood or womanhood. It must cause great sorrow to their loved ones, their parents, brothers and sisters when these things happen. We read frequently of almost entire families being wiped out by accidents on the road or in the air, or some other misadventure.

Prince William showed promise of being a very important and valuable member of the Royal family. He showed inclination and promise in the discharge of duties that are required to be performed by members of the Royal family. We sympathise very deeply with the Queen and members of her family circle. I and my colleagues wish to be associated with the resolution of condolence.

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Senator Wood) - I invite honourable senators to signify their approval of the resolution by standing in silence. (Honourable senators having stood in their places)

I declare the motion agreed to.

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