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Tuesday, 30 May 1972
Page: 2257

Senator BISHOP (South Australia) - Mr Chairman, before I discuss clause 13 I ask you whether the Minister intends to answer the question that I put to you in respect of the procedures affecting the Federated Ironworkers Association amalgamation

The CHAIRMAN - Order! That question is not relevant to clause 13.

Senator BISHOP - I now deal with the matters dealt with under clause 13. However, I say that when the Minister is given the opportunity of clarifying a position and does not take that opportunity it is obvious to the Labor Party that the Democratic Labor Party has taken an action which is against the interests of the Federated Ironworkers' Association of Australia. That is all 1 have to say on that matter.

For the convenience of the Committee, may I suggest that a certain procedure be followed in relation to clause 13? Mr Chairman, it may be noted that in the other place this same procedure was adopted: The proposed sections contained in clause 13 were separated into 2 groups because related matters can be conveniently divided into these 2 groups. I suggest that it might be convenient if the Committee were allowed to discuss proposed sections 18 to 31 in one group. I think it would be convenient if honourable senators were able to relate their arguments to those proposed sections because they are related. The Opposition intends to divide the Committee in respect of this group. After the vote has been taken on proposed sections 28 to 31 we can then deal with the remaining proposed sections 32 to 35, in relation to which the Opposition also will divide the Committee. The Opposition is opposed to both these groups of sections.

Senator Greenwood - If you are to have 2 divisions, why not deal with them as one group?

Senator BISHOP - I suggest that clause 13 be divided into 2 groups because it deals with 2 different matters. It ought to be possible to divide clause 13 into these 2 groups. It was done in the other place and there was no complaint from the Government. The only suggestion I make is that it might be convenient to take proposed sections 18 to 27 of the first group first of all so that we could save time. But we wish to have a general discussion on proposed sections 18 to 31 and it will be necessary for the Committee to divide in respect of proposed sections 28 to 31.

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