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Friday, 26 May 1972
Page: 2197

Senator James McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) - It takes some gall to ask a parliament, the members of which have not had an increase in salary for approximately 4 years but for whom the cost of living has gone up just as it has for every other section of the community, to award a pay rise of $84 a week, retrospective to last November, to a class of persons who have recently shown their attitude towards the rest of the community by claiming that a $2 a week increase is sufficient to overtake the rises in the cost of living and who also delivered themselves of the opinion that a man, his wife and his children can live on a wage of $54 a week. Quite apart from the rights and wrongs of parliamentarians salaries to which Senator Bishop has referred, we on this side of the House, who consider that we have a responsibility to the lower paid sections of the community, could not in conscience support a wage increase for Commissioners which is so vastly out of proportion to the treatment which those people themselves have meted out to the persons whose wages it is their task to fix. For that reason we will be opposing this clause and we will be dividing on it.

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