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Thursday, 18 May 1972
Page: 1776

Senator O'BYRNE (TASMANIA) - Will the AttorneyGeneral have inquires made into a claim on television last night by the editor of the Nazi Party publication 'Storm Trooper', Mr Michael McCormick, that police had given members of the Nazi Party assistance in counter demonstrations during moratorium marches? Did Mr Michael McCormick state that his group would be at tomorrow's Melbourne moratorium march and that it planned to infiltrate the march and cause dissension in the ranks? Will the Attorney-General examine Mr McCormick's statement that he had found the police very co-operative? Will the Attorney-General make a statement about these claims which suggest that violence is receiving the co-operation of the police?

Senator GREENWOOD - I did not see the interview which has been reported in this morning's Press, but I have read the Press accounts of what was said. I treat with a great deal of suspicion the allegations which have been made. Nevertheless, the matter is one for some inquiry, but the depth of that inquiry will depend upon what I find was actually said. However, I do make this point: It is clear that people who engage in demonstrations in the streets do so in defiance of the law and use the cloak of crowds in order to provoke violent situations which cause damage to property and are a potential risk to the life and liberty of other people. The fact that communists and others who feel the same way as com- munists do are prepared to break the law is obviously an inducement to other people of opposite persuasion, such as the Nazi groups, to do the same thing. All I say to members of the Labor Party opposite is that if they are prepared to support certain people who engage in demonstrations it is a curious selectivity in which they engage when they deny that right to others. My view, and the Government's view, is that all lawlessness in the streets, by whatever group, is to be deplored and as far as possible we should do all in our power to discourage il.

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