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Tuesday, 16 May 1972
Page: 1704

Senator WRIEDT asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Navy, upon notice:

(1)   Is the amount payable under Naval Regulations 94(a) of $2.55 per day considered adequate for accommodation purposes; if so, on what basis

Is the figure determined.

(2)   What is the allowance paid to Officers and Petty Officers under similar circumstances.

(3)   What is the daily allowance paid to Third and Fourth Division officers of the Department of the Navy when living away from home on Departmental business.

(4)   Pending the completion of the Kerr Committee Report, should not the principles enunciated on page 37 of the 1st Report be implemented immediately and realistic allowances granted under Regulation 94.

Senator DRAKE-BROCKMAN (Western Australia) (Minister for Air) The

Minister for the Navy has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1)   $2.55 was the amount initially approved for personnel attached to ships refitting in both the Sydney and Melbourne ureas. Subsequently (from September 1970) it was increased to $3 in respect of the Melbourne area. Experience has shown that personnel in Melbourne prefer to obtain accommodation on a 'share" basis rather than individually, and indications are that the allowance is adequate. Service accommodation ashore is more readily available in the Sydney area and no representations have been received for an increase in the allowance for that area.

The allowance is similar in principle to a combination of Living Out Allowance (Naval Financial Regulation 92) which is payable to all personnel who are required to find their own meals and accommodation and Supplementary, Living Out Allowance (NFR 92a) which recognises that personnel may initially incur high costs before finding board and lodging at a reasonable rate.

(2)   The allowance is payable to both officers and sailors and is common to all ranks.

(3)   The Public Service does not pay an allowance to a 3rd or 4th Division officer who is living away from home but at his permanent place of duty except where the officer is under 21 years of age and on junior rates of pay. In these cases a Living Out Away from Home Allowance may be paid under Public Service Regulation 96 based on the board paid per week by the officer and his gross annual salary.

(4)   The interim pay scales recommended by, the Kerr Committee were introduced following acceptance of their Report No. 1 and pending completion of the work value inquiry which they saw as necessary in the longer term. The Committee is at present considering Service Victualling and Accommodation and the related matter of Living Out Allowances under Article IV of their Terms of Reference. It would not be appropriate to propose changes pending receipt of their report.

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