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Wednesday, 26 April 1972
Page: 1343

Senator Sir KENNETH ANDERSON (New South Wales) (Minister for Health) (10.40) - I say at the outset that I have never heard anything like that dose of sheer and utter trivia in my life before. It is trivia in a national parliament and might, be described as an attempt to walk around standing order 418 and cast a reflection on a member of Parliament in another place. I must admit that 1 am appalled to think that the Leader of the Opposition in this place (Senator Murphy) should do this. I believe that this exercise was attempted to divert attention from what is happening in the Labor Party and its own problems at Newcastle in the Shortland electorate. Believing that and having stated it I do not propose to respond to what Senator Murphy said because it is utter trivia. In the national parliament, whether at question time or when legislation is being dealt with, emphasis is put on the conduct of the affairs of the nation for the good of the people of Australia.

The Leader of the Opposition has said that there was a meeting of some group at which he claims a member in another place was present and therefore it was evil and wrong and damaging to a certain Party and that it reflects on the corner Party here, the Australian Democratic Labor Party. If that is the best that the Australian Labor Party can do then I say that we have nothing to worry about in the future. Obviously Senator Murphy did not have his heart in his job. Obviously he did not have a stomach for what he was saying in view of the way in which he put his case. He knows in his heart as do the men who sit behind him that this is an attempt to use the character of a person in a political exercise. I must say that I am terribly disappointed in Senator Murphy, I conclude on this note: If there is anything to be said about another man in another place let somebody get up on his feel and say it there. Let him have the guts to do it there.

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