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Wednesday, 26 April 1972
Page: 1336

Senator TURNBULL (TASMANIA) - Mr President,I ask you a question about our temporary parliament house, our more temporary parliament house and the most temporary parliament house that is about to be built. I have just been uprooted from my temporary parliamentary room and moved to the more temporary one. 1 find that [ cannot open the window. That would be all right, if I could control the air conditioning, but there is no control for the air conditioning.

Senator Little - You are lucky to have a window in your room.

Senator TURNBULL (TASMANIA) - That is quite true. Then I find that somebody has decreed that the temperature in the room shall be 70 degrees.

Senator Georges - Is not that hot enough for you?

Senator TURNBULL (TASMANIA) - Apart. from Queenslanders, the norm is 68 degrees. That is the usually accepted temperature for air conditioning. I find my room extremely hot. What can I do about it?

Senator McLaren - You could wear shorts.

Senator TURNBULL (TASMANIA) - I have been informed that I could wear shorts, but I understand that you, Mr President, made a ruling on that. My final complaint is this: I have heard rumours that most temporary accommodation is to be erected. Why cannot the Government get on with the job of building the new parliament house? lt does not matter when the Government decides to do it, there will be opposition. Mr President, could you persuade the Government to take its courage in its hands and say that tomorrow it will start building the new parliament house instead of wasting the taxpayers' money?

The PRESIDENT - Order! When 1 have had an opportunity of examining Hansard to see the long list of complaints contained in the honourable senator's question I shall give him a reply in the Senate, hut 1 assure honourable senators that I regard their, complaints with the same seriousness with which I regard complaints from my wife.

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