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Wednesday, 12 April 1972
Page: 992

Senator GAIR (Queensland) (Leader of the Australian Democratic Labor Party) - I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move:

1.   That there be referred to the Standing Committee on Primary and Secondary Industry and Trade the following matter:

The proposed takeover of Ansett Transport Industries Limited by Thomas Nationwide Transport Limited and in particular

(a)   the ascertainment of the degree of nonAustralian ownership, whether direct or indirect, of the issued share capital of Thomas Nationwide Transport and the financial participation of non-Australian financial interests in the attempted takeover operation;

(b)   whether the exercise, if successful, might be prejudicial to the Australian aviation industry and in the event what, if anything, might be done to minimise the prejudicial effects;

(c)   whether the exercise, if successful, would result in a degree of control of Australian domestic airline operations passing to nonAustralian interests;

(d)   to advise the Minister, in the public interest, how he should exercise his discretion to grant or refuse approval to the transaction involving as it does shares in Ansett Transport Industries Limited, a company holding licences under the Broadcasting and Television Act 1942-1971, which discretion is vested in the Minister by section 92 of the same Act;

(e)   and matters incidental thereto.

2.   That as far as possible the Committee give it priority over all other matters already referred to and before the Committee.

3.   That the Committee have power to meet while the Senate is actually sitting.

4.   That the Committee present a report to the Senate within 28 days.

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