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Wednesday, 30 October 1912

Senator O'KEEFE (Tasmania) . - I have given notice of my intention to move a series of requests. I desire "nine" to be substituted for "five" in clauses 2 and 3, and " according to the scale in the schedule " to be omitted from clause 3. These requests, if carried, will necessitate some alterations in the schedule. The effect of the requests, taken together, will be to increase the £500,000 to £900,000, and to make the payment extend over nine years, at the rate of £100,000 a year, instead of extending over ten years at a varying rate. I do not think it necessary to repeat any arguments I have used as to why these alterations ought to be made. I am quite willing to take a test vote on the first request. In spite of the speech made by the Vice-President of the Executive Council, I see no reason why the Senate should not request a grant of £900,000. The Minister has really not advanced any argument against my proposal, because the contention that there is very little chance of the other House acceding to a request of the kind is not one which ought to be used here. I have no doubt that both he and his colleagues are satisfied in their mind that they cannot get more than £500,000 from theother House, but I would remind him that on several occasions, although the other House did not agree in full to our request, a compromise was arrived at.

Senator Clemons - The other House has agreed to our requests in full dozens of times.

Senator O'KEEFE - Exactly ; and, although on this occasion, there may not be a majority willing to accede to our request in full, there is room for compromise between the two amounts.

Senator Clemons - We would sooner have £900,000 a year hence than £500,000 to-day.

Senator O'KEEFE - Yes. In the first place, I move -

That the House of Representatives be requested to amend clause 2 by leaving out the word" Five," with a view to inserting in lieu, thereof the word " Nine."

Question put. The Committee divided-

Ayes ... ... ... 13

Noes ... ... ... 14

Majority ... ... 1

In division:

Senator Pearce - Mr. Chairman, I draw your attention to the fact that Senator Guthrie crossed the floor after the tellers were appointed.

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