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Wednesday, 25 September 1912

MINISTERS laid upon the table the following papers : -

Census and Statistics Act 1905 -

Regulations relating to Quarterly Returns of House Rents by House Agents. - Statutory Rules 1912, No. 184.

Chinese Students and Merchants - Conditions of admission to the Commonwealth for certain limited periods.

Defence Act 1903-1911. - Regulations, amendments, &c. (Provisional) -

Military Forces -

Statutory Rules 1912, Nos. 170, 175, and 183.

Universal Training -

Statutory Rules 1912, Nos. 174, 176, 177, 178, 180, 181, and 182.

Electoral Act 1902-1911 -

Redistribution Scheme, Queensland - Further Report and Map furnished by the Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries Commission.

Redistribution Scheme, Western AustraliarFurther Report and Map furnished by the Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries Commission.

Excise Act 1901. - New Regulation 137. - Statutory Rules 1912, No.172.

Government House, Sydney - Copy of Correspondence between the Government of the Commonwealth and the Government of New South Wales respecting occupancy by the Governor-General.

Invalid and Old-age Pensions Act 1908-1909 - Statement re Pensions, for year ended 30th June, 1912.

Lands Acquisition Act1906 -

Land Acquired -

At Merredin, Western Australia - For Postal purposes.

At Davenport, South Australia - For Commonwealth purposes.

At Redbank, Queensland- For Defence purposes

At Bogan Gate, New South Wales- For Postal purposes.

At Fremantle, Western Australia - For Postal purposes.

At Pinkenba, Queensland - For Postal purposes.

Land disposed of -

At Bordertown, South Australia.

Northern Territory Lands Acquisition Ordi nance1911 - Land acquired under, at Goyder (Hundred of), County of Palmerston, Northern Territory - For experimental farms.

Panama Canal - Copy of Telegram and Despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies . stating the views ofHis Majesty's Government on the subject of tolls to be levied on vessels passingthrough the Panama Canal.

Papua. - Ordinance of 1912, No. 8. - Supplementary Appropriation- of 1911-12, No. 4.

Post and Telegraph Act 1901-1910. - Regulations, amended, &c. -

Statutory Rules 1912, Nos. 130, 142, 143, 147.156,157,and158.

Public Service Act 1902-1911 -

Appointments, Promotions, &c. -

Department of Home Affairs -

Mr. Haslam,Draughtsman, Class F, Lands and Survey Branch.

E.   Moser, Senior Draughtsman, Class D; and C. A. Hoy, Draughtsman, Class E, Professional Division, Public Works Branch, New South Wales.

Postmaster-General's Department, Central Staff-

J.   M. Crawford, Assistant Electrical Engineer, Class B.

A.   J. Odgers, Clerk, Fourth Class.

Department of Trade and Customs - C. B. Cantwell, Clerk, Fourth Class.

New Regulation 166A. - Statutory Rules 1912, No. 179.

Seat of Government. - Ordinance No. 4 of 1912 - Public Health.

Wireless Telegraphy Act 1905. - Amendment (provisional) of Regulation 2. - Statutory Rules 1912, No. 146.

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