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Friday, 19 July 1912

Senator HENDERSON (Western Australia) . - 1 am somewhat perplexed as to the attitude which I should assume towards this amendment. I have no desire to tarnish the reputation of any young lad. But I was under the impression that this Bill was brought forward to enable Parliament to give legislative, sanction to something which would ease the penalties prescribed by the principal Act for certain offences, and which at the same time would act as a deterrent to those who were inclined to defy the law. Now I have some knowledge of the. Children's Courts which are conducted in my own State. There, the only publicity given' to their proceedings takes the form of a paragraph in the morning newspaper, which states that a number of children were dealt with before the Children's Court. No names are given, and no mention is made of the offences with which they were charged. If the same procedure be applied to cadets who fail, to observe their obligations, to the Commonwealth, will it act as a deterrent to those who are anxious- to evade the law ?

Senator Clemons - It' would make a senior cadet laugh.

Senator HENDERSON - He would snap his fingers at constituted authority when the 'proceedings were over'. I think it is just a's' well that we should retain the clause in its present form. If some of our cadets; 'continue to evade the law they will the'n~ have to appear before an ordinary Police Court. -.'Senator McDougall. - That is where murderers are tried.

Senator HENDERSON - But nobody would brand a boy who neglects to attend the statutory number of drills, or his parents, as criminals.

Senator McDougall - Before to-day some of the lads have Seen put into " Black Maria "' with criminals and taken to gaol.

Senator HENDERSON - I am sorry for that:

Senator Guthrie - The authorities have a right to do it.

Senator HENDERSON - Then I hope that such a thing will never occur again. I know of no case in which cadets have been put into " Black Maria " and taken away as' if they were guilty of some heinous crime. I shall vote against the amendmentarid support the clause as it stands.

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