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Wednesday, 17 July 1912

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - I am rather surprised that Ministers - assuming that they desire to get on with business - did not take the opportunity before moving the adjournment, at any rate, to explain the first Bill upon the noticepaper. If the second reading had been moved to-night, the Senate would have been in a position to proceed with the debate tomorrow. The course adopted suggests to me that Ministers were not ready. I hope, at any rate, that they will not make a practice of moving the adjournment at a quarter past 9 when there is business immediately in front of us. I presume that it would not have occupied more than halfanhour for a Minister to move the second reading of the Bill to-night, and the effect would have been to expedite business. There is another matter which I should like to mention to you, Mr. President. I do not know whether I am expressing the opinion of other honorable senators, but I am certainly expressing my own feeling when I say that some steps ought to be taken, either to induce the Meteorologist to alter the weather, or to persuade the Home Affairs Department to assist in improving the temperature of this chamber. I do not know how other honorable senators have felt to-day, but to me the temperature of the place in which we have to do our work has been painfully cold. If, as seems to be the case, honorable senators generally are of the same opinion, steps might be taken to remedy the grievance of which we complain.

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