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Friday, 15 December 1911

Senator McDOUGALL (New South Wales) . - I hope that some consideration will be extended to those representatives from other States who have not. the pleasure of staying in Melbourne with their wives and families. In my opinion, we have been treated unfairly. I do not approve of the method of procedure that has been followed during the last week or two. My view is that we should adjourn at the usual hour to-day, meet again in' January, and do the business of the country properly. The Government ought to study our convenience a little in connexion with the sitting on Monday morning. I have been in the habit of going to New South Wales at every week-end, and I would rather do that than enjoy the pleasure of stopping in Melbourne for two or three days. I hope that the Government will have some regard to the convenience of the representatives of New South Wales, who have been constant attendants, and always ready to do the country's business. We are entitled to a little consideration.

Senator Pearce - We can meet your case; a pair can be arranged for you. It will only be for a few hours in the morning.

Senator McDOUGALL - The duty on pianos might go through in my absence.

Senator Needham - There is no fear of that ; the music will be kept going until you come back.

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