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Thursday, 30 November 1911

Debate resumed from 29th November (vide page 3337) on motion by Senator Pearce -

That this Bill be now read a second time.

Upon which Senator Millen had moved -

Thatall the words after " That " be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the following words : - " as the Commonwealth Government is not possessed of sufficient powers from the Governments of South Australia and Western Australia to enable it to proceed with the construction of the railway through the said States, and to control its management thereafter, and as this Senate is not supplied with sufficient information on (a) the proposed route ; (a) the cost of construction ; and (b) , the probable revenue and expenditure and interest charged - this Bill be not proceeded with until the Senate is further informed on these points; and, further, as the proposed railway serves directly to assist the development of the States of South Australia and Western Australia, this Senate is of opinion that the Government should consult with the Governments of the two States, with a view to devising an arrangement securing to the Commonwealth a reasonable portion of any value added to the lands along the line of route and accruing from the construction of the said line."

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