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Wednesday, 8 November 1911

Senator VARDON (South Australia) . - I am glad that the Minister has endeavoured to meet the case ; but he takes up the position that he has submitted a perfect clause, and that it is impossible to suggest the least alteration which would improve it. I do not think any Minister ought to take up that attitude. Surely, if a reasonable amendment is proposed, it is worth consideration. The Minister draws a distinction between men who can be served with summonses personally and easily in large centres of population and men who live in remote places and cannot be so readily reached. But I would remind him that thepersonal honour of a man who lives in a back-block place is just as dear to him as is the personal honour of a man who resides in a large city. He is equally anxious to preserve his integrity.

Senator Findley - Hear, hear ! And he will have the opportunity.

Senator VARDON - No. The honorable senator has said, " Wherever it is easy to do so, we will serve the summonses personally ; but, at the same time, we may frame regulations to make personal service unnecessary in certain cases." I agree with Senator Lynch that no exception should be made, because I hold that a man should be personally served if he is to be brought before a Court. If a man is so far distant that he cannot be got at, he might we'll be left alone until he does come within reach of a polling place and can be personally served. Senator Lynch's amendment, if adopted, would be a safeguard for every man in the community that his personal honour would not be challenged except under personal service. If the Minister states absolutely " We do not believe that any one can improve this proposed new sub-clause, and, therefore, we intend to stand by it," this discussion may just as well cease. Whether we on this side are few or many, it is our duty to do all that we can to make the provisions of the measure as perfect as possible.

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