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Wednesday, 8 November 1911

In Committee(Consideration resumed from 4th November, vide page 2247) :

Clause 8, as amended -

After section sixty-oneb of the Principal Act. the following sections are inserted : - 61e. In any prosecution in any Court of summary jurisdiction in respect of any contravention of any of the regulations relating to compulsory enrolment, instituted by any officer or by any person acting under the direction of an officer, the averments of the prosecutor contained in the information or complaint shall be deemed to be proved in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

Upon which Senator Keating had moved -

That the following proposed new section be added : - " 61F. Every summons to a defendant in any such prosecution as last mentioned shall have conspicuously printed upon the face of it a notice in the following terms : - ' At the hearing of this information (or complaint) you must tender or produce evidence otherwise the statements above set forth will be taken as proved without the evidence of any witness or witnesses in support of the same. The penalty prescribed for the offence with which you are charged is (here set forth penalty).' "

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